station to station

atelier xx work no.1

shortlisted by YVAC

2020 fall

special thanks to dan spiegel

The 16th St Train Station is located at the edge of West Oakland. Though long passed its most vital time, the site, with its historic significance, along with its proximity to the neighborhood, is to become again a focal point that, not only commemorates its political, social, and technological participation, but also converges local residents, the youths, and the musicians. The new building is a multifaceted community center that supports educational, musical, as well as various communal activities, and simultaneously presents to the community its retrieved vitality. 

[the operation] The two sets of grids define the general massing of the new building. Two cuts through the mass divide one into three in response to spatial needs of the educational, musical, and communal programs, at the same time ensure connectivity between existing housing, the historic building, the plaza, and open space for future development. A formal study focuses on a specific portion of the train station, where the track steel structure and masonry thick walls intersect. The result is a set of spaces defined by thin structures, by solid chunks, or by both. Eventually, this formal language of solid, void, structures intersecting is applied to the new building, defining multiple spatial conditions that communicate to the existing train station. Corridors, exits, and vertical circulations are placed inside the chunks, then organizing programs along with them.

Through the combination of all strategies of spatial organizations, façade, structures, skylight, landscape and so on, the new community center now becomes a destination of the community and the larger area, serving not only as of the container of events and activities, but also the stimulator that help bring back the vitality of the site again.