nature as the boundary

atelier xx work no.4

cooperated with studio mbj

2021 summer

[the site] a series of public restrooms are designed for the citizens of shenzhen. one of them in pingdi park, is situated in the confrontation between nature and the built environment. layers of artificial as well as natural boundaries distances the site from public accessibility. neither the local residents nor those who work around is allowed to approach the site without effort.

[the nature - the artificial] a restroom sitting at it is imagined as a space that connects nature and the city. it is an artificial object embraced by nature, while it is also a non-object space extended from nature to the city.

[the public - the private] the program of the project as a restroom doesn't have any conflict with the open gesture of the form. instead, utilizing nature as the boundary clearly separates the public and the private, giving users simple and easily recognized sign of the realms.