nature amplifier

atelier xx work no.2

bb student prize of competition SLEEPING PODS ON A CLIFF

2021 spring

special thanks to mark s.t. anderson

[Nature] Immersion in nature is desperately longed for in modern times. Sited on steep slopes of Portuguese forest, the sleeping pods, along with other dwellings of Vale de Moses, are to become a destination for reconnecting with nature. 


[Amplifier] The proposed sleeping pod is an amplifier of nature: amplified experiences the touch of breezes, the sound of waving leaves, the shape of flowing water. It is a simple machine that captures and physicalizes the forces of nature. Comfort and joy come with the total immersion in nature and fun interaction with nature.


[Water] In the Mediterranean forest where hot and dry summers couple with cool and moist winters, water is an asset. The proposed sleeping pod is a machine that captures rainwater in winters, stores water for summers, and reuses water for bathing. It is a machine that cycles water relying only on the force of gravity. 


[Systems] The machine consists of three systems: the rigid timber structure, the flexible hanging cables, the soft and volatile water canvas. Rigid members support the cables hanging a solid sleeping box that swings in the wind. Water changes shapes of the canvas as it comes and goes. The machine moves with nature.


[Modular] The machine is modular that sit on any slope on its long legs.


[Layout] The machine sits on the steep slope. Its long and skinny legs support its occupiable body parts, or the three boxes: the storage box at entry, the sleeping box that swings, the bathing box at the outlook. A water canvas hanging above the boxes stores rainwater collected by the roof. The water canvas below the boxes collects used water from bathtub, filters, and stores for future use. Water at bottom canvas is transported to top canvas as baggage canvas gains its weight from baggage and drops to ground level.


[Components] Main structure of the machine is typical timber structural members with steel connections. Four small members make up one column. The gaps between members allow easy connection of beams to columns, as well as stacking of beams on beams. Hanging steel cables are attached to timber beams via steel connection. The rigid timber structure is coupled with volatile canvas that are pinned at corners to rigid timber frames, allowing the canvas to expand and contract as water fills and empties.

[Poetics] The nature amplifier brings joy and appreciation of the nature while treating nature kindly. In the hanging sleeping box, inhabitant sleeps in gentle swing brought by the breeze, with the touch of wind on the soft hammocks that brings cool air from water stored below the box. The machine collects, stores, uses, and reuses water at its maximum capacity without consuming any other energy. Here, beauty and pleasure come with environmental friendliness.